I'm Kim Burchett. I'm a programmer, manager, and parent.

I currently work at Google as a tech lead manager. Before joining Google I was a managing director at Goldman Sachs in their strats group. And before Goldman I spent over a decade at various high-tech startups, some of which have been successful. I earned my master's degree in computer science from Brown University, where I published a paper on static optimization of dynamically typed functional reactive programming languages. If you're interested in more details about my work, you can check out my resume.

I'm always interested in learning new things. When I first started programming I was fascinated by graphics, so I studied things like shading models, radiosity, animation, and physical modeling. That evolved into an interest in fractals, artificial life, and genetic algorithms. I even got a job working on genetic algorithms at one point.

Eventually my interests shifted towards programming language design. After several years, having learned a dozen languages spanning the imperative, functional, logic, constraint, concatenative and esoteric paradigms, I (mistakenly) felt I had run out of new programming languages to learn, so I began studying Mandarin. These days, although I continue to practice Mandarin on my daily commute, my main interests are around statistics and machine learning.

You can contact me at <kim DOT burchett AT gmail DOT com>