DoubleTake is a project I worked on in my spare time from August to September 1996. It's a tool to help create 3d models from 2d photographs. I put it on the shelf when I realized I didn't know how to automatically deduce the position of the camera for each image. I might start working on it again sometime.

Anyway, this page should give you an idea of how it works.

1) get two or more photographs of the same object, taken from different positions.


2) mark "features" on the images.


3) correlate the features.

I can't show this in pictures. To do it, you click on a feature in one image and then on the "corresponding" feature in the other image. Now when you move the mouse over a feature, it highlights itself and all the features it's correlated with. 

4) connect the dots.


5) export to a VRML file.


To Do

Last updated September 21, 1996
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