Include Pig

Include pig is a little perl script I wrote to display include file dependencies.

Usage: perl [options] [files]
Where options are as follows:
    -I <dir>         Add the given directory to the include path 
                     for finding include files.
    --ignore <file>  Don't print any information about the given file.
                     This keeps your graphs from getting cluttered.
The output is in "dot" format, which means you need to use graphviz to turn it into a picture.


perl -I /usr/include >
/usr/local/graphviz/bin/dot -Tgif -opig.gif
There's also a helper script, which can generate a whole bunch of include graphs, one for each of your source files. The helper script only works on unix.



Download it here:
Download the helper script here: make_include_graphs

The license is public domain -- use it as you wish.

Last updated Oct 17, 2003
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