Joy Inverted Index

Here's the source for the joy version. You can learn more about the Joy language here.
  • 34 lines of code (incomplete). 9 of these lines of code should have been in the library, but Joy's library isn't mature yet.
  • 8 hours to write.
  • The Joy version is currently incomplete because it doesn't have the ability to read and write inverted indices to disk.
  • Joy almost got coolness points for having a built-in set type. But its sets are implemented as bit-fields and so they can only contain numbers up to 31. So no coolness points.
  • Negative coolness points for the fact that the "in" function only works for lists of numbers -- lists of lists do not use a recursive comparison.
  • Negative coolness points for all the stack shuffling I have to do.
  • Positive coolness points for having such a simple, elegant execution model.
  • Positive coolness points for conciseness, even though this comes at the cost of clarity.
  • No performance numbers available yet.

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    Last updated October 7th, 2003
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