Kim Burchett

kim.burchett at gmail dot com | New York City


I am a technical leader with strong engineering and management skills. I excel at innovation, especially with a commercial focus. My background includes machine learning, finance, ads, compilers, and systems engineering.

Professional Experience

Google Technical Lead Manager July 2012 - Present
Joined Google to help lead Ad Exchange at a time when it was at the center of a large shift in the advertising industry towards real-time bidding. Later, to gain exposure to core Google products, I joined the Local Search team.
  • Led engineering for several ad features which collectively increased revenue by several hundred million dollars. These included hyperlocal targeting (recognized as a "most significant launch" across ads), new ad formats (native, interstitials, video pods), and web-app cookie linkage (which tripled revenue for eligible inventory).
  • Led 50+ engineers to build "programmatic guaranteed" ad reservations. Launched with hundreds of clients and a 16x YoY growth rate. Designed a key feature for the second version, which increased ROI by 20+%.
  • In local search, led a large engineering effort that increased by orders of magnitude the amount of detail Google knows about businesses. Relied heavily on machine learning and data from users, the web, imagery (both satellite and photographs), search queries, and other sources.

Goldman Sachs Managing Director November 2010 - July 2012
Vice President June 2007 - November 2010
Joined Goldman in the Core Strats group in the securities division, to help improve the firm's trading and risk management platform. In 2009, I established and led the Operations Strats group, extending that same platform into the operations division.
  • During the 2008 credit crisis, built systems to analyze firmwide liquidity and credit risks for OTC derivatives, in a high pressure environment.
  • Working with the operations division CFO, helped redesign the cost model for the division, to increase transparency and optimize trading decisions.
  • Contributed to the firmwide Business Standards Committee, particularly for structured trades.
  • My team improved efficiency throughout operations, including collateral disputes, inventory management, brokerage fees and counterparty exposure.
  • Built a lightweight system to monitor tens of thousands of production processes.

StreamBase Systems Manager / Architect March 2004 - May 2007
StreamBase produces a development platform for very high volume data streams such as financial trading data, network packets, or RFID sensors. Acquired by TIBCO in 2013.
  • Formed a team that successfully advocated for major changes which resulted in improved usability and 3x faster performance. This included a compiler-based backend, complex data types, user-defined operators, and rewriting from C++ to Java.
  • Managed backend development team and the QA team. Planned development for several major releases. Heavily involved in recruiting and hiring. Instituted several process improvements.
  • Designed and implemented parameterized modules and the Heartbeat and Metronome operators.

Endeca Senior Software Engineer July 2001 - February 2004
Endeca produces a server-side product that combines text search and metadata categorization to organize large catalogs of data. I left the company to gain management experience at StreamBase. Acquired by Oracle in 2011.
  • Tech lead for a deployment 40 times larger than any previous deployment.
  • Added support for Unicode, CJK languages, word break detection, spelling correction, and partial matches.
  • Created tools for monitoring, reporting, and administration.

FactCity Consultant July 2000 - June 2001
FactCity enabled natural language search on top of relational databases.
  • Improved query latency by 30%, and increased availability under high load.
  • Improved scalability and freshness of the offline ETL pipeline by a factor of four.

One Technology Lead Software Engineer July 1999 - June 2000
One Technology applied genetic algorithms to industrial optimization problems.
  • Combined linear programming with genetic algorithms in order to support fuzzy constraints.
  • Rewrote the engine to support distributed computation.
  • Rewrote the user interface to make it more intuitive and visually appealing.

Software Leverage Software Engineer May 1995 - June 1999
Software Leverage is a staff consulting agency where I worked on several projects. I left the company to pursue more challenging work. Some of the larger projects I worked on include:
  • Controlling a manufacturing robot. Implemented custom programming language, interactive debugger, and graphical simulator.
  • Creating a web-based hospitality product. Implemented web-based calendaring and online order tracking.
  • Porting a 10M LOC object-oriented database to IRIX and Solaris.


Brown University
M.S. in Computer Science (spring - fall 2006).

Research: Static Analysis and Optimization of Functional Reactive Programming Languages. Presented at PEPM'07.

Classes: combinatorial optimization, formal verification, distributed and concurrent programming, computational biology, natural language processing, and machine learning.

No undergraduate degree.